Saare Kütus has been dealing with the sale of liquid fuel since 1989 and is one of the first privately owned companies among the Estonian fuel companies.

The company was founded on 4 July 1989 after the liquidation of Saaremaa Oil Company.
AS Saare Kütus has been a member of Eesti Õliühing (Estonian Oil Association) since 1993. According to 1. July 2014 there are 29 employees in the company.

Goals and strategy of Saare Kütus:

  • high-quality fuel for any vehicle
  • high-quality service for our clients
  • sustainable operation

Main fields of activity:

  • retail and wholesale of liquid fuels, oil and lubricants
  • providing terminal service
  • providing transport services
  • retail sale of car maintenance agents, car accessories, etc., at filling stations

At present the retail sales chain of Saare Kütus comprises 5 permanent filling stations. Also there are opened 3 stations mostly for yachts in harbours in summers. Terminal service, based on the container park, is available at 6 Roomassaare Road Kuressaare. Container trucks provide transport service of liquid fuel to clients.

Saare Kütus has an established a system of magnetic-striped card. In order to offer better service and a bigger variety of services, collaboration with cooperation partners in Estonia is set up. In cooperation with Eesti Statoil, Alexela Oil, Go Oil and Jetoil filling stations, the client card of Saare Kütus can be used for paying for the fuel or other services all over Estonia.

Thank You for being with us on a road already 30 pleasant years!