Roonimäe tanklaRoonimäe

Address: Saaremaa vald, Ringtee 2a, 93876
Phone: 453 1301

OPEN 24h every day

The filling station accepts the valid client
cards of Eesti Circle K, Jetoil and Go Oil.

Extra services:

  • Car wash
  • Shop
  • Car and convenience goods
  • Self-service vacuum cleaner for cleaning the car salon
  • Compressed air
  • Water
  • Car park
  • WiFi
  • Automatic machine of hot drinks


  • petrol 98
  • petrol 95
  • diesel fuel
  • specific diesel fuel
  • household gas

CAR WASH is opened 24h every day

Prices of washing programs range from € 8 to € 14

The car wash is for cars with the height up to 2,15 m and with the width
up to 2,05 m, it is operated by the means of brushes and washing agents
are of high quality.

  • Before washing, Polar Microdegreaser is recommended for soaking very dirty cars.
  • Pitch stains on the car body considerably decrease the washing quality, therefore using pitch removal agent Polar Asphalt Stain Remover before washing the car and instead of soaking agent is recommended.